Roisín Parahoo

Foundation Dentist (GDC no 290234)

Originally from a seaside town in Northern Ireland called Portstewart, I studied Dentistry at Queen’s University, Belfast. During my course, I took a year out and studied for a Masters in Global Health in Maastricht University. During this time, I lived in the Netherlands and India.

Being a foundation dentist means I am not under tight time constraints that other NHS dentists have in delivering high quality treatment to their patients. I will therefore be able to spend more time in dental disease prevention, education and patient anxiety management.


  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery, QUB 2020
  • MSc in Global Health, Maastricht University


Roisín is available Monday, Wednesday & Thursday


We asked Roisín some questions to find out more about the woman behind the smile. Away from her professional life, what are the things she holds dear?

If you were able to invite three people (fictional or non fictional), (present or past) to your dinner table who would they be and why?

Florence Nightingale – she would be good in a pandemic

Taylor Swift – she would provide the entertainment

Mary Berry – to help make dessert

If you weren’t a dentist, what would you want to do as a career?

Food/film critic

If you were to share one piece of dental advice, what would it be?

Don’t rinse your mouth out after you brush your teeth because you’re washing away the toothpaste which protects them!

What is your favourite charity?

Cancer Research