Flexible Payment Plan

No credit checks, 0% interest, instant confirmation!

What is a Flexible Payment Plan (FPP)?

A Flexible Payment Plan is a payment collection scheme developed by Simply Health with no interest 0% which enables Ilfracombe Dental Practice to create a bespoke payment plan to help spread the cost of your treatment over a maximum period of ten months.  We can create a plan online with you in minutes, there are no forms to complete and send and no credit checks are made. The payment plan is offered to all our patients on; Denplan, Private and NHS for treatments above the value of £250.

How do I set up a FPP?

You and your dentist agree the treatment plan, the initial payment (agreed deposit usually covers the laboratory costs which the dentist incurs in providing this treatment and roughly speaking, is approximately half of the overall charge), the ongoing payment time (3-10 months) or total number of collections and the monthly amounts. We are able to:

  • Set up a monthly plan for on-going treatments (such as anti-wrinkle treatments)
  • Tailor the amount and number of monthly payments ranging from 3 to 10 months for a short course of treatment such as Invisalign – you can decide to make an initial larger payment then a set number of monthly payments or a set amount each month from starting the plan

We are then able to login to our Denplan from Simplyhealth Professionals FPP portal and add your details including bank account for the direct debit, what the treatment entails, dentist details and the initial payment amount (this can be different from the monthly direct debit amounts).

We then print out the Terms and Conditions to give to you and we submit the form which once all information is agreed, is instantly uploaded onto the Denplan from Simplyhealth Professionals FPP system.

You will be sent an email confirming the payment plan set up (collections are taken on the 1st of each month) and treatment can now begin.  All patients should note there is a standard 14-day cooling-off period.

Do practices need a Consumer Credit Licence?

No, a flexible payment plan is available either as ongoing payments for ongoing treatment OR A fixed number of payments (up to ten) to repay a one-off treatment.  The practice does not need a Consumer Credit Licence because an ongoing flexible payment plan is not a credit agreement.  Anyone can offer up to 12 monthly payments for credit (since 2015) without a CCL, and no interest is charged by the dentist for either type of flexible payment plan. To provide these types of plans practices and FPPs must meet the following criteria:

  • no interest or admin charge of any sort is added to the cost of treatment
  • it is for a fixed amount
  • your primary business is not selling financial services
  • it is arranged to be paid in no more than 12 monthly payments

Flexible payment plans have been restricted to a maximum of 10 monthly payments to ensure practices are well within the 12 month limit, to allow for payment delays or re-collection attempts if monthly payments go unpaid.  Patients can have more than one payment plan at a time.

Interested in setting up a plan today?

Send us an email, give us a call or ask at your dentist at your next appointment.

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