Dentures are one of the oldest ways of replacing teeth. They still remain a popular option because of the introduction of modern dental materials making them more like a specialised prosthesis.

They also require minimal preparation of the mouth. This means that gaps can be filled without destroying valuable surrounding tooth tissue or going through potentially painful surgery.

There are three types of denture construction

The acrylic denture is an easy and quick denture to fabricate. It normally involves four stages, a week apart from one another but there are cases when we can make them in a day! They can be used as a long term or short term option whilst you decide what you would like to fill the gap with long term.

The cobalt chrome denture consists of a lightweight metal alloy framework which supports the artificial teeth. This denture uses surrounding teeth to support itself. Small rests and clasps are used to rigidly hold onto the teeth whilst the framework allows the majority of the mouth to be left uncovered for hygiene reasons and comfort.

The newest of the dentures is the Valplast denture. Valplast is made of nylon which allows the denture to bend. It is softer than acrylic and because it bends, requires less clasps around teeth to hold onto the mouth. Any small clasps are made of Valplast and not metal so that they are virtually unnoticeable to others.

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    Our denture range


    This product range offers the greatest choice in colour, shape and size of tooth. These teeth are the most durable and are set in high impact acrylic which is also coloured and shaped to mimic real gumwork. Our clinicians can work from a set of photographs of your original smile to recreate that same smile. Gaps, rotated teeth,even fillings can be included to produce your unique look.


    This product offers a large range of colours of tooth.These teeth are harder than the standard range and are set in high impact acrylic to help prevent common denture fractures. A degree of gum contouring to mimic real gum work is undertaken but the shade of gumwork is limited to one shade. Our clinicians can work from a set of photographs of your original smile to approximate a look of that same smile.


    A very reliable range used for training or temporary dentures whilst the mouth heals but can also be worn long term when the patient’s previous denture is similar. There is a limited range of choice of colour, and shape of tooth. All teeth are set in a hard acrylic base which has no gum contouring.

    All pics from G O’Neill

    How do our dentures match up to the real thing?

    For comparison here is a photo of one of our Nurse’s natural smile

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