Mouthguards are strongly advisable when engaging in contact sports such as rugby, boxing or hockey. The principal aim of a guard is to protect the hard and soft tissues of the mouth from impact.

Mouthguards work by dissipating a blow to the mouth by transmitting the force from the initial impact site and transferring it to the more robust bony support of the teeth. Mild forces to teeth can be absorbed by the material and be dispersed not on one tooth but by a group of teeth and their supporting structures; reducing the risk of fracture.

The main purpose in wearing a sports guard however, is that with a large blow to the mouth, the tooth will still fracture but the resulting fragments will not be inhaled. This is important because inhalation of tooth fragments will require an emergency operation to recover the fragments from the lungs.

Shop-bought guards, which are mouldable in the mouth are better than nothing, as they will prevent upper and lower teeth from clashing together but are poor at transferring forces from a blow to the supporting tooth tissue because of the relatively looser fit to the mouth. But a custom-made guard is always the best way to protect teeth and the airway.

We offer custom guards in a variety of colours and designs – remember artwork, flags and names can all be added to personalise your protection. Always let us know what the guard is for, as there are many different designs to suit different sports.

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