Gum Disease Treatment

Actually, we prefer the term ‘periodontal disease’ as this better describes the disease process. Gum disease implies the disease is of the soft gum tissue only, whereas ‘periodontal’ describes a disease that affects the gum and bone supporting the tooth.

Most of us at some point in our lives will suffer to some extent from periodontal disease – (“peri” meaning “around” and “odontal” pertaining to the teeth). In many cases, this comes and goes without significant damage. But for some who are more prone, this disease leaves their supporting tissue red, painful, hot and damaged, whilst also affecting its function.

Periodontal disease first presents as bleeding gums, painful swellings, bad taste and odour, loose teeth and tender or sensitive teeth. It will eventually progress to tooth loss.

The disease is not completely understood but we know the primary cause is plaque on the tooth surface and that the disease has a cyclical pattern whereby it is not always active.

It is therefore important for us to monitor the supporting tissue quality regularly to enable us to actively treat it during the aggressive damaging phases and identify primary and secondary causes to reduce the frequency of such phases.

At Ilfracombe Dental Practice, we are equipped to monitor and treat this disease, offering advice on prevention and looking at lifestyle choices that make you more prone. We have a hygienist who can help you improve your efficiency in removing plaque and we also stock leading brands of equipment and medications that will help you fight this disease.

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