Unfortunately, extractions are sometimes necessary in dentistry either because of disease in the tooth or gums or for orthodontic reasons.

Whatever the reason, we offer extractions under local anaesthetic as this is the safest way to remove a tooth. We have a range of local anaesthetics but our preferred one is articaine. This provides a profound numbness ideal for tooth removal.

No two people – or teeth – are alike and the challenges of removing a tooth depend on a variety of factors. We carefully assess each case according to the individual circumstances, and discuss with you the risks and benefits of your treatment. We will always listen to your worries and preferences.

Sometimes it may be necessary to refer you to a specialist oral surgeon.


If you have just had an extraction, you may not remember all of the aftercare information that was given to you in surgery. Don’t worry – we’ve prepared a comprehensive list of advice for you to follow over the next two weeks. Click the button below to view this advice in full.

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