Private Treatments Price Guide

This is not a comprehensive list of the items that we can provide but a useful guide that you could compare to other practices’ prices. Most are bespoke pieces of treatment which can be accurately quoted for once we know what you would like to achieve.

Private dental treatment is defined by any dental treatment that has been privately agreed by a patient and their dentist without any subsidy from an outside source. Without constraints from a third party agreement, you as a patient enjoy the following benefits:

  • Full freedom to select bespoke treatment options.
  • Have more say as to when treatment should commence and end or even postpone.
  • A clear treatment costing without any hidden subclauses or surcharges.
  • A one year guarantee on treatment provided.
  • It is not necessarily more expensive than other treatment plans, and in some cases it may even be less expensive.
  • Treatment information is not made available to NHS England for analysis.
  • We offer late night appointments for our private patients
  • Immediate registration to the practice.
Exam check up, advice, any necessary radiographs £30
Guards against Bruxism £90
Hygienist and gum treatment £35
Fillings small silver from £75
Large silver fillings £95
Small white filling in the front tooth £70
Root Canal Simple single canal treatment £125
Multiple canals Root Canal Treatment from £225
Dentures Upper/lower acrylic from £439
Upper/Lower partial Acrylic from £285
Crowns Metal at the back of the mouth from £295
Porcelain at the front of the mouth from £275
Extraction straight forward £70
Surgical extractions from £120
Bridges porcelain bonded £360/unit
Emergency appointment £50
X-ray £10
Dentist simple scale and polish £25
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